RPGnet Gaming Index Grows to Over 8000

BERKELEY, CA, July 24, 2007 — The RPGnet Gaming Index, already the largest index of roleplaying games and supplements on the Internet, has now grown to over 8,000 entries.

RPGnet's online gaming index is a single source that details the entire roleplaying hobby. As of today it contains over 6,700 games and supplements, over 700 fully detailed magazines, and an additional 850 editions, for a total of 8,250 unique items.

Each page on the RPGnet Gaming Index includes not only a full description of the item and a cover image, but also cross-linked details which allow quick lookups for other products by the same authors, set in the same settings, or using the same rules.

Users can also mark ownership and rate each item in the RPGnet Gaming Index. Currently there are 16,450 individual ratings and 2,900 full reviews contained in the Index, ranking its entire collection of RPGs, beginning with Delta Green (#1), Delta Green: Countdown (#2), and Unknown Armies (#3).

New features, such as the recent industry award listing and the brand-new publisher, system, and setting information pages are constantly being added.

The RPGnet Gaming Index is freely available for reference and can also be edited by all users. Entering ownership and rating information requires free registration with the RPGnet Forums.


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