Worlds Apart's THE ETERNAL CITY joins the Skotos Community

(Denver, Colorado; Berkeley, California - June 6, 2001) — Worlds Apart Productions and Skotos Tech are pleased to announce a partnership in which Skotos Tech will publish Worlds Apart's acclaimed text-based online virtual world game, The Eternal City (TEC). Effective June 1, 2001, The Eternal City is now a member of the Skotos community of text-based online games and is available at

"We are excited about TEC's move to Skotos," says Scott Martins, President of Worlds Apart. "Skotos is a very quality- and community-minded organization, full of people who love role-playing and text-based gaming. TEC will thrive and see significant improvements at Skotos, continuing its tradition as one of the best and most innovative role-playing games on the Internet."

Launched in early 1998, The Eternal City has been one of the top ranked text-based games at since January 2001, and is currently ranked #1 on the RPG Gateway Top 100 RPG Sites at It has twice received positive write-ups in PC Gamer magazine, including the current issue dated July 2001.

Midlight, the fantasy world of The Eternal City, is based on ancient Republican Rome. Players can assume the roles of Patricians, Legionaries, Gladiators, Constables, Thieves, and Priests, as well as many other colorful character types.

"The Eternal City is a terrific addition to the Skotos community," says Christopher Allen, President & CEO of Skotos Tech. "It's a great adventure game with a loyal community. It's also one of the very few text-based games of its size with a strong role-playing environment. This and its rich and evocative background fit perfectly with the Skotos philosophy. At the same time it offers unique opportunities for players to excel in a variety of ways, including rising to positions of power within the gameworld."

Skotos is an online storytelling community of text-based games and game-building tools that has received attention for its focus on interactive storytelling. Skotos has a number of additional products in the works, including The Bane (a new fantasy game) and online versions of such well-known pen-and-paper RPGs as Og, Lovecraft Country, and Paranoia.

About Worlds Apart Productions
Founded in 1996, Denver-based Worlds Apart Productions ( is a developer of engaging and innovative Internet-based virtual world entertainment. Its current project is a 3D massively multiplayer version of The Eternal City, entitled The Eternal City: Ereal Rising, ( which will bring to graphical life the Roman-themed fantasy world of Midlight, allowing players to experience the roar of the coliseum and the intense chaos of a chariot race in the Circus Maximus.

About Skotos Tech, Inc.
Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. ( is a developer and publisher of multiplayer prose games. Its own releases include Castle Marrach and Galactic Emperor: Succession. The Eternal City marks Skotos Tech's first publication of an externally developed game, though not its last. A group of external developers known as "The Skotos Seven" are already working on the next generation of Skotos games.