Space Federation Joins Skotos Online Gaming Channel

Space Federation Joins Skotos Online Gaming Channel

BERKELEY, CA, June 3, 2003 — Space Federation, an online science-fiction strategy game, has joined the Skotos Online Gaming Channel as an Associate Game. It is the eighth game to become a member of Skotos, a gaming community which provides access to many strategy and roleplaying games, all for a single subscription price.

"It's a multi-faceted game," says Shannon Appelcline, Vice President of Business Development at Skotos. "The core of Space Federation is resource management, but from there you can extend into research or colonization. You can trade or war with other players. However, what makes the game truly unique is its high-quality graphical design, which incorporates both solid HTML and beautiful illustrations that overview the surfaces of a player's farflung interstellar colonies."

Space Federation, produced by developer Stephen Yong, has previously been released as Galactic Conquest. Skotos is publishing the first commercial version of Space Federation; it offers access to additional races and player missions which were not available in the previous version.

In joining Skotos Tech, Space Federation has become a member of an existing strategic game community. "It's a great complement to our own Galactic Emperor: Hegemony game", says Shannon Appelcline. "They're both science-fiction strategy games, but each with their own unique gameplay. Hegemony centers around coordinating fleets of ships, while Federation is about managing planetary resource production. Increasingly, strategic game players can come to one site, Skotos, and find a number of high-quality games. And, there are more to come."

Space Federation is the fourth game to sign up for Skotos Tech's Associate Game program. Each game gets to benefit from Skotos marketing, branding, and business development. They also become members of a game designer's community which jointly has more clout when talking with carriers and portals than any game would individually. A sophisticated royalty system ensures that each game shares user fees from every player proportionately.

Space Federation is now available for play at The first month of play is free.


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