Reiner Knizia's Modern Art: The Card Game is Skotos Tech's Newest Work

BERKELEY, CA, May 24, 2011— Skotos Tech today released Modern Art: The Card Game, its fourth iPhone and iPad game by Reiner Knizia. It's a game of card management and market manipulation that builds on one of Knizia's best-loved gaming franchises.

Modern Art: The Card Game puts gamers in the role of art speculators trying to sell their artistic purchases for the best prices possible. Though selling artwork helps to drive the market, players will also want to hold on to pieces for sale in later rounds when they're move valuable. This dilemma between selling and stockpiling is a central focus in the game.

Reiner Knizia is one of the top designers in the "eurogame" movement. He's also created auction games, like High Society and Money, and tile-placement games, like Kingdoms--all of which are available from Skotos as iPhone games.

Modern Art: The Card Game is built upon Skotos' well-tested MobileEuroCard platform for the iPhone and the iPad, which incorporates almost two years' worth of developmental work. Standardized gestures, animations, and audio are all built into the platform, making it easy for players of one of Skotos' card games to pick up and play another. Besides its quartet of Knizia games, Skotos Tech has also released Michael Schacht's Gold! on the MobileEuroCqrd platform, highlighting the newest work of another top eurogame designer.


Skotos Tech ( is an electronic game producer. Its iPhone games have all been produced through subsidiary RPGnet (, which combines tabletop games with electronic media.