Skotos Partners with Game Table Online

BERKELEY, CA, May 11, 2006 — Skotos Tech has partnered with GameTable Online to make five of GTO's online board, card, and dice games available through the Skotos gaming channel. GTO games now available at Skotos are Cosmic Wimpout, Igel Argern, Kill Doctor Lucky, Nuclear War, and Reiner Knizia's Vampire.

The new GTO games cover the spectrum of tabletop play. Cosmic Wimpout and Nuclear War are both American classics, while Kill Doctor Lucky is by modern American designer James Ernest. Igel Argern and Vampire conversely are strong European designs by popular German designers Frank Nestel and Reiner Knizia. The games all support multiplayer Internet play, and are regularly featured in online tournaments. In addition, Cosmic Wimpout, Igel Argern, and Nuclear War also feature solitaire play options.

GameTable Online's games join Skotos' wide-ranging gaming channel, which now offers 18 different games for one monthly price. Besides Skotos' popular role-playing games, the Skotos gaming channel also features a connection of strategy games, ranging in playtime from fifteen minutes to many months. Other tabletop strategy games currently offered through Skotos include Alan R. Moon's Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe, Bruno Faidutti's Fist of Dragonstones and Queen's Necklace, and the Asian card game, Gang of Four.

The Skotos games are available for a month of no-obligation trial play at

About Game Table Online

GameTable Online ( is the Internet Center for Strategy Gaming. Since 2001 GTO has developed online versions of tabletop games for the hobby industry and now hosts 12 games for play from renowned designers such as Reiner Knizia, Alan R. Moon, and WizKids and Out of the Box Games. All games use the original artwork and rules, so the games look and play like their real-world counterparts. GTO's Internet Gaming Platform is built on Sun Microsystems Java, which allows for play on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux environments.

About Skotos

Skotos Tech ( is an online gaming channel that covers the entire world of multiplayer games. It produces the Skotos StoryBuilder Kit--which is the heart of prose-based RPGs such as Castle Marrach and Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night--and also aggregates numerous other games--including The Eternal City, Space Federation, Days of Wonder's online gaming package, and now five games from GameTable Online--into a single subscription service.