Skotos Articles Now Available via RSS

BERKELEY, CA, May 6, 2004 — Three and a half years, Skotos Tech has offered the best collection of game design articles online. Now, the newest articles, most published on a biweekly basis, are available via RSS at

Skotos' article archives have long featured a variety of voices discussing online game design and gameplay. Today it includes over 500 articles that have been published since Summer, 2000, totalling over a million words. Currently ongoing articles include: Engines of Design; Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities; The Medium; Storms on Cloud 9; and NeoArchaeology.

Engines of Design, by industry insider Dave Rickey, is a topical column that covers the theory and practice of making online games, often through the examples of current online gaming companies.

Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities, by Skotos Tech staff member Shannon Appelcline, cover the entire business of making online games, based on the experiences of Skotos Tech. It has discussed a wide variety of topics during its three-and-a-half year run, from mythic storytelling and movie techniques to online legalities and the work required to launch a game.

The Medium, by player and designer Karrin Jackson, centers on prose games, and how they work as a community-based medium. Karrin's articles often center on playing online games and becoming parts of their online communities.

Storms on Cloud 9, by designer Scott Holliday, looks into the mechanics of online games, and what makes them work and what doesn't.

NeoArchaeology, by programmer Noah Gibbs, centers on the world of open-source prose games. It covers both how to design prose-based worlds and how to navigate the issues of the open-source world. The newest articles in each series are available on a daily basis from the RSS feed at

Skotos' sister-site, RPGnet, is also beginning to make its content available via RSS. RPGnet's reviews, which cover roleplaying games, supplements, movies, board games, comics, and more, can now be found at


Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. ( is a developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Its games all center around socialization and new Internet-based communities. A group of external developers known as "The Skotos Seven" are already working on the next generation of Skotos games including online versions of popular tabletop roleplaying games, Ironclaw, Lovecraft Country, and Pendragon.


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