RPGnet Forums Launch Actual Play

BERKELEY, CA, April 6, 2006 — The RPGnet Forums this week expanded their content by creating a new area for the discussion of "actual play". This new subforum provides a place for players and gamemasters alike to detail their real-life roleplaying campaigns. RPGnet's Actual Play subforum can be found at

Actual Play has been an increasingly active topic in the RPGnet forums for some time. The new Actual Play subforum makes these real-life game descriptions easier to find and keeps them from being lost amidst the many other active topics being discussed at RPGnet.

By incorporating existing threads into the new subforum, the Actual Play area at RPGnet already includes over 200 threads and over 11,000 messages. Actual Play roleplaying threads updated since the creation of the new forum earlier this week include campaign descriptions for Adventure!, Artesia, Buffy, Cthulhu Dark Ages, d20 Doctor Who, D&D, D&D: Eberron, Delta Green, Exalted, Orpheus, Paranoia, RIFTS, Shadowrun, Sorcerer, Stormbringer, Tribe 8, Unknown Armies, and Weapons of the Gods.

The RPGnet forums are already the most active indie roleplaying forums on the 'net. With over 5.5 million threads and 8,500 unique visitors viewing the forums every day, the RPGnet forums represent a huge online gaming community.


RPGnet (, the largest indie RPG site on the 'net, has been running since 1996. It features a huge and vibrant forum community as well as daily posts of reviews and articles. RPGnet is a subsidiary of Skotos Tech.


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