Pendragon Online Begins Development with Skotos Tech

BERKELEY, CA, April 4, 2003 — Green Knight Publishing, producer of the traditional dice-and-paper King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game and Pendragon Fiction series, has begun development on the Pendragon Online game. This new Internet-based roleplaying game, developed using the StoryBuilder Toolkit created by Skotos Tech, will allow for a rich, immersive storytelling-based roleplaying experience.

"'Tis the Year of Our Lord Five Hundred and Sixteen, Our Good King Arthur Pendragon hath been upon his throne for six uneasy years, ending an age of anarchy following the death of His father Uther. Not all willingly accept His rightful rule. Nor do the enemies of Britain grant us peace. Our brave Boy King hath staved off terrible wars of rebellion and invasion, yet e'en now our enemies loom on every border, and villains ravage every shire. Still, there is hope. Romance hath bloomed since the wedding of Arthur and his Queen Guenever, and the order of the Knights of the Round Table hath been founded. The High King summons young knights to his war-banner to defend the nation. The High Queen gathers the noblewomen of Britain to her side. They now urgently seek to bring strength and unity to a fractious nation before the foes of Britain tear it completely asunder."

"A great age is upon us now. The Heralds cry for those of noble heart to gather to the High King. Wilt thou heed the call?"

Gameplay in Pendragon Online will center around glory and honor. Players will begin as young knights and ladies of the court, with arms and armor, horses, clothing and jewelry appropriate for their station, allowing players to more immediately take part in martial challenges, courtly intrigues, and other adventures.

"The goal of Pendragon Online is to bring to life the experience of King Arthur's Britain and to infuse players with the sense of their own importance and a role in the forging of Britain's fate," says Peter Corless, Green Knight President and Pendragon Online producer. "The setting should appeal to newcomers to the legend as well as those who have always loved the 'Matter of Britain.'"

Extensive historical research and game details serve to reinforce and satisfy a sense of 'verisimilitude' — the feeling of immersion — in heroic Dark Ages Britain. Pendragon Online will bring to life those characters from literature we have always heard and dreamt about: King Arthur, Guenever, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, and the enchantress Morgan le Fay. The players can step into this legendary land and take their place amongst the pantheon of heroes and heroines.

Pendragon Online's development is currently in prototype, with a beta program expected later in 2003 and release to the public planned for 2004.


California-based Green Knight Publishing ( has been a source of Arthuriana since 1998. Its critically acclaimed King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game draws from Malory, Chretien de Troyes, and other early mythical and historical sources to provide a balanced view of the legend. Its well respected fiction line, edited by James Lowder, both reprints unavailable classics and offers new stories by today's best fantasists.


Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. ( is a developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Its games, which include Castle Marrach, The Eternal City, Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, Meridian 59: Sacred Haven, Monsters! Monsters!: Grendel's Revenge, and Underlight, all center around socialization and new Internet-based communities. Also currently in development at Skotos Tech is Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night, built on RPG publisher Chaosium's New England background for the Cthulhu mythos.