Skotos Brings Reiner Knizia's Money to the iPad

BERKELEY, CA, April 2, 2010—Skotos Tech has extended its successful iPhone gaming app, Reiner Knizia's Money, by producing a new iPad conversion which will become available this Saturday, April 3.

This new iteration of Reiner Knizia's Money makes use of the iPad's bigger screen to produce a better gaming experience. The app's gaming table is larger and the cards are higher resolution. New sidebars provide for easy access to buttons without covering up the gaming table. The game now runs in any orientation, allowing you to always pick up your iPad and play immediately. However, the biggest change is that the larger iPad screen has allowed for the addition of a fifth player to the game.

"This reflects our continued support for mobile eurogames," says developer Shannon Appelcline. "In optimizing Money for the iPad, we've extended our core gaming engine, which means that all of our future games will enjoy these same advantages." Work has already begun on Skotos' next two mobile eurogames, Reiner Knizia's High Society and Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms. In addition, talks are underway with other tabletop designers to bring their games to the iPhone.

Current players of Reiner Knizia's Money should find a free upgrade available which will allow for play on the iPad as soon as it arrives. New gamers who are interested in buying Reiner Knizia's Money will find it available in the Apple iTunes Store on the third.

Developer Shannon Appelcline has also written an article discussing Converting an iPhone App for the iPad in iPhone in Action, the blog companion to his iPhone programming book.

About Skotos Tech

Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. is an online entertainment company. Its sites include: Skotos Online Games (, a site for online roleplaying; RPGnet (, a tabletop roleplaying community; and Xenagia (, a fantasy, science-fiction, and horror community. Skotos' new iPhone games will all be available through RPGnet in the near future.