Skotos Enters Michael Schacht's Web of Power

BERKELEY, CA, March 20, 2012— Skotos Tech today released its sixth iPhone game, Michael Schacht's Web of Power Card Game: The Duel. Previously published as Richelieu, The Duel has now returned to its intended Medieval theming.

In Schacht's Web of Power games you battle opponents across a landscape of 12th century Europe, trying to influence the great powers that rule the Dark Ages. The Duel depicts that conflict using a set of tiles that players will claim over the course of a game. By tactically placing ownership markers and taking tiles, you will achieve the majority control required to influence the countries and powers of Europe.

With its two-part turns interweaving the taking of tiles and planning for the future, The Duel may be Skotos' most strategic game to date. Hand-in-hand with that goes one of Skotos' most complex artificial intelligence (AI) designs. Four different AI with four different personalities challenge players at a variety of difficulty levels.

Designer Michael Schacht is a major German game designer who has been creating tabletop games for almost two decades. His set-collection game, Coloretto, is one of the best-known "euro" card games while its sequel, Zooloretto, won the prestigious Game of the Year Award in Germany. Both games are available in the United States through Rio Grande Games.

Skotos has adapted The Duel to the iPhone using its well-tested MobileEuroCard platform for the iPhone and the iPad. Standardized gestures, animations, and audio are all built into the platform, making it easy for players of one of Skotos' card games to pick up and play another. Previous games have included Michael Schacht's Gold! and four different games by Reiner Knizia, including the best-selling Money.

Each new game has offered expansions and improvements to the MobileEuroCard library, and as a result The Duel is built atop two years worth of development, making it Skotos' most attractive and mature game to date. Like all of Skotos' MobileEuroCard games, The Duel has been released as a universal app, so that players can purchase it once and play it on any of their iPad, iPod, or iPhone devices.


Skotos Tech ( is an electronic game producer. Its iPhone games have all been produced through subsidiary RPGnet (, which ties together tabletop games with electronic media.


Michael Schacht ( is a full-time game designer and the winner of the 2007 Spiele des Jahres award. He has published over 100 games, including Coloretto, Hansa, Mondo, Richelieu, Valdora, Web of Power, Zooloretto, and Gold!