Skotos Publishes Two New Gaming Columns

BERKELEY, CA, February 21, 2006 — Skotos Tech, long-time publisher of online gaming articles, this month added two new columns to its regular rotation: Perspectives, by Sam Liu, and Lessons from the Live Team, by Sandra Powers. These and other columns are all available at

Perspectives is written from the point-of-view of a web game designer. It looks at why some games work and others don't. The first column, "Game Developers Flourish", studies the developer-to-gamer ratio in the world of the web.

Lessons from the Live Team covers the post-release world of MMORPGs, and is written by a member of the live team from Asheron's Call 1. The first column, "The Message", introduces the concept of live teams, and how most of the development of a modern MMORPG comes after the release, not before.

These new columns join other currently running series, including Shannon Appelcline's Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities, Scott Holliday's Storms on Cloud 9, and Heather Logas' Pleasures of the Flesh. Each column covers the topic of online game design from different perspectives. The Skotos Articles Archive also includes hundreds of additional articles on designing, developing, administering, and playing online games, with past authors including Richard Bartle, Jessica Mulligan, and Dave Rickey.

Skotos is continuing to search for new volunteers interested in sharing their experiences about any aspects of online gaming, from playing them to creating them. If you'd like to write a one-off article, or an ongoing series, email editor Shannon Appelcline at

About Skotos

Skotos Tech ( is an online gaming channel that covers the world of multiplayer games. It produces the Skotos StoryBuilder Kit--which is the heart of prose-based RPGs such as Castle Marrach and Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night--and also aggregates numerous other games--including The Eternal City, Meridian 59, and a variety of strategy and tabletop board games--into a single subscription service. Skotos' online articles archive collects the experiences of its own team members and volunteers, as well as numerous other peoples interested in talking about the world of online game design.