RPGnet Enters the Blogosphere

BERKELEY, CA, February 10, 2006 — After a year of rolling out new software, RPGnet is now making all of its content available through RSS feeds, a complete list of which can be found at:

"RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is the future of the Internet," says Shannon Appelcline, RPGnet Administrator, and the programmer behind these recent changes. "Through it, sites can highlight each others' information, but more importantly individual users can use aggregators to quickly access everything that they're interested in, if it's on one website or on one hundred."

RPGnet's RSS feeds now cover all four of its major sections--the columns, the reviews, the wiki, and the forums--as well as the overall site news. Users can access feeds not just for these overall sections, but also for their favorite individual article series or for any subset of RPGnet forums. These RSS feeds are already available on many major aggregators, among them LiveJournal and FeedBurner.

"Besides making our content available, we're also becoming a gaming RSS aggregator," says Appelcline. Several months ago the RPGnet news section was revamped to include RSS feeds from twenty different gaming news sites and blogs. The system is easily expandable, and constantly growing as more roleplaying companies enter the blogosphere.

RPGnet's RSS presence on the web will continue to expand over the next year. Access to TrackBacks and individual reviewer RPGnet feeds are just a few of the continued expansions currently planned.


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