Fist of Dragonstones Joins Skotos

BERKELEY, CA, January 20, 2004 — Fist of Dragonstones, a tabletop strategy game, has joined the Skotos Tech online gaming channel as its eleventh multiplayer offering. Here it joins a collection of roleplaying and strategy games, all available for one low monthly fee.

Fist of Dragonstones is a new "designer game", by Bruno Faidutti and Michael Schacht. It joins the ranks of board and card games that have been revolutionizing the genre for the last ten years, including standouts such as The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Bohnanza.

In Fist of Dragonstones you negotiate for the services of a wide array of fantasy characters—including witches, thieves, ghosts, necromancers, and the fabled dragons—through a simple closed-fist auction system. Slowly, you will gather the magical dragonstones, then convert those to victory.

Fist of Dragonstones is also one of a growing line of high-quality games from Days of Wonder. "They're producing high-quality board and card games, based on the best American and European designs," says Shannon Appelcline, Vice President of Business Development at Skotos. "Besides publishing tabletop versions with beautiful components, they've also been maintaining a strong online presence. Their web site includes PDF rules, forums, and online versions of many of their games. Fist of Dragonstones is the third game that they've brought to the Skotos community."

Six strategy games are now part of the Skotos gaming channel, including two other Days of Wonder designs, Queen's Necklace and Gang of Four. Skotos's strategic offerings also include DroidArena, a game of robotic combat, Space Federation, a continuing game of resource management and planetary development, and Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, a game of space warfare that resets every three weeks.

Besides the strategy games, Skotos Tech's gaming channel also includes five roleplaying games, including prose favorites such as The Eternal City and graphical classics such as Meridian 59. All eleven games are available for free, trial play at


Founded in 1999, Berkeley, California-based Skotos Tech Inc. ( is a developer and publisher of multiplayer games. Its games all center around socialization and new Internet-based communities. A group of external developers known as "The Skotos Seven" are already working on the next generation of Skotos games including online versions of popular tabletop roleplaying games, Ironclaw, Lovecraft Country, and Pendragon.


Days of Wonder ( has been producing top-quality card and board games since 2002. Its current releases include Gang of Four, Fist of Dragonstones, Pirate's Cove, Queen's Necklace, Terra, Ticket to Ride, and Mystery at the Abbey. Days of Wonders' innovative approach to the online medium offers its players considerable support at online websites, as well as multiplayer online versions of many of their most popular games.