Skotos Launches Ironclaw and Lazarus

BERKELEY, CA, January 3, 2007 — Skotos Tech, a publisher of online games, this week launched two new prose roleplaying games, Ironclaw Online and The Lazarus Project. These games are available for play as part of the extensive Skotos gaming channel.

Ironclaw Online is an anthropomorphic fantasy roleplaying game based upon Sanguine Production's tabletop release. Many different races, cultures, and societies are converging upon the waterfront city of Triskellian. Though players must start from humble beginnings, they will quickly become involved in the guilds and politics of the town.

The Lazarus Project is a science-fiction roleplaying game by designer Michael Zerbo that asks the question, "What is the price of immortality?" Though mankind has reached the stars, the ultimate achievement of conquering death still eludes them. As newly grown citizens players must make a life for themselves in Alpha Colony.

Ironclaw Online and the Lazarus Project are two of Skotos' "Skotos Seven"--roleplaying games built by external developers using Skotos' text-based gaming engine. They join Skotos' channel of 18 different games, all available for one price. Other Skotos roleplaying games include fantasy offerings Castle Marrach, The Eternal City, and Grendel's Revenge and horror release Lovecraft Country.

The Skotos games are available for a month of free trial play at Additional information on The Lazarus Project can be found at

About Skotos

Skotos Tech ( is an online gaming channel that covers the entire world of multiplayer games. It produces the Skotos StoryBuilder Kit--which is the heart of prose-based RPGs such as Ironclaw Online and The Lazarus Project--and also aggregates numerous other games--including The Eternal City, Galactic Emperor: Hegemony, Days of Wonder's online gaming package, and five games from GameTable Online--into a single subscription service.